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Estate Sales- Simplified

We know emptying an entire house of memories can be very difficult.


You may be hiring us to empty your home so that you can downsize and move or that you have just lost someone and need to empty the house and get it ready to sell.

We have a very clean and clear process to help you either way.

With our free consultation, we will stop by and assess the situation and come up with a plan and estimate for you.

We generally then work in easy to digest layers.

The first layer will be to edit. We will remove everything in the home that cannot be sold or donated so that we can see what is there.

The second layer is to look at your personal property and decide which is the best path to distribute sell these items, generally it is a combination of several options: 



Estate Sale


Now, we move with our team to organize and lay things out for a safe public estate sale. Once we have everything organized we will begin our pricing.

From here we will photograph the entire house and all of your personal property. We will add this photo inventory on our website under your very own page.


With the page your entire family will have access to everything that is to be sold. This will be helpful if anything needs to be saved or shipped out to your family.


This photo inventory will also be sent to dealers, auction houses and consignors as needed. We will use this photo page to advertise the sale on our website, social media and online classifieds.

Generally our sales are done in one day with a preview for dealers.

We will determine if your estate is large enough to warrant a two day sale.

At the end of the sale, we will have a team of two movers come in and remove everything that hasn't sold to be distributed to:

Thrift Shops

Electronic Disposal

Chemical Disposal

City Dump

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