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Santa Barbara Care Homes Facilities

Where do we start?


  • Free Consultation: We will spend up to one hour with you as part of our free consultation. 

  • Estimate: Together, we will decide which services you need and write a clear estimate of the hours and staff required. 

  • Photography: We will photograph all of your personal property. All items to be considered for distribution and sale will be photographed with a digital time-stamp, date and photo number. 

  • Post & Host: We will create a personal page for you on our website and post all of your photos here. We will now have an easy link for us to organize items to be moved, sold, stored or donated. You will be able to easily share this with your family or others and can protect this page with a password if desired. 

What do I do with my stuff?

  • Personal Property: We will organize your inventory and help guide what moves with you and what to do with the rest. We will discuss the pros and cons of having an estate sale versus direct dealer sale, consignment or estate auctions and often recommend a combination of these.

  • Research and Valuations: We research items to determine; style, maker, age, current market values and recommend categories for distribution and categorize our findings into keep, sell, ship, store, donate, recycle or dispose.​​

  • Heirlooms: We have identified these items from the start and will take special care that they are separated and protected from all other forms of distribution and sale. We will coordinate all packing, delivery, shipping and freight services for these items so that they arrive to your loved ones safely.



  • We will get everything ready for your mover and they will move your property to your new address. Once they have placed your belongings in your new home we will unpack and get your new home ready to live in.

  • Professional moving companies have gone through a rigorous examination process and are qualified and insured properly to protect your belongings during shipment. For a list of actively licensed members of the Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS) in Santa Barbara County please click here: MOVERS

  • Packing and Unpacking: Everything will be carefully boxed and labeled on one end and we will send our team to your new residence to set everything up again.

  • Out of State Moves: If needed, we can fly out and manage the set-up on the other end or have one of our national NASMM partners from that state pick it up from there.


Staying in your own home?

  • Stay at Home-Aging in Place: Make changes to your present home to accommodate accessibility needs. Look to provide accommodations for a live-in or daily helper. We can arrange for home services: home health care, meal deliveries, transportation services, state funded support services, etc.

  • Relocation Services: Coordinate change-of -address steps, contact all of your billing and utility companies and let them know of your change, return and set up new cable services.

  • Set-Up Services: Set up Lifeline, cable, internet, phone, Bluetooth tech for HVAC, assist with applications & forms, leases, licenses, utilities, health care directives, etc.

What's left?

  • Remove and Donate: We will arrange for the removal of all non-sellable items or items left over from sales or distribution such as appliances, furniture, mattresses and clothing.

  • Dispose and Shred: We will arrange for the professional disposal of personal documents and hazardous materials including batteries, paints, tools, machinery and electronics. 

  • Cleaning: We will arrange for a professional cleaning crew to come in and handle your final cleaning needs including; home interior-exterior, carpets/floors, garage, detached buildings, paper shredding, carpentry, painting, hoarding or "enthusiastic collections".​

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