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We do not believe there is only one answer when it comes to professional estate liquidation. We are skilled and diversified and use multiple sales channels for the smart and profitable liquidation of your personal property.

  • Estate Sales

  • Ebay

  • Consignments

  • Private Dealer

  • Online Classified

  • Appraisals vs. Valuations

  • Mid to High Range Auction

  • Houses Interior Consignments

  • Heirloom Shipping

  • Legacy Donations

  • Pack to Donate or Dispose

  • Whole Estate Purchase

  • Books & Libraries

  • Online Classifieds

  • Clothing Consignment

  • Gated Communities, Apartments, Storage Lockers

  • Jewelry

  • Precious Metals


Read about these in detail below:


We are a FULL SERVICE Senior Relocation and Estate Liquidation Company.


Most of the services below we perform with our own very talented team.

We also work with our vetted network of ethical professionals, dealers and

auction houses to help us value and liquidate your personal property.


As your advocates, we will create a plan that thoughtfully and respectfully

liquidates your personal property for the greatest return.



Professional appraisals may be great for insurance purposes but this can be expensive and in most cases, not necessary and do not always represent current market values. We work with all of the best auction houses and can get you free appraisals for anything they accept for their category specific auctions.

Moving Miss Daisy Estate Sales

Every property is different and simply selling your items at an estate sale may or may not be the best choice for you. Estate sales are one of our many services, here is a small sample of what we can do for you.

  • Whole or partial estate sale

  • Sort, price, and merchandise items

  • Set up tables/shelving where necessary

  • Research and price items

  • Showcase premium items on websites

  • Place local ads the week of the sale

  • Email our large network of dedicated buyers

  • Use a register to document all sales.

  • Advertise the sale via newspaper, online classifieds and estate sale websites

  • Create sale notices and street signs

  • Provide thorough "broom clean" cleanup after the sale

  • Arrange for disposal or donation of unsold items

Estate Sale Companies

Some estate sale companies will work for a flat percentage or a percentage plus labor charge but the value has to be there or they will turn you down.  An "Estate Sale Only" may not be the best option for all of your personal property, especially if the audience for some of your items isn't local. We generally find that we need a few options, including auctions and consignments and we utilize all avenues under one roof.


Valuations (Current Market Value)

We have years of experience selling, and researching current market values and trends for art, antiques, furniture, collectibles, rugs, and clothing, etc. We can show you what your personal property is worth and which are the best ways to sell it.

Moving Miss Daisy's Local Auctions

This is a new service which greatly reduces the overhead of having an estate sale and also reduces the cost of sending your items out of town to other auctions. This is a local professional internet based auction which is run through Moving Miss Daisy and reaches a statewide and national audience. This will create competition for your items. We can auction items in place or remove them and store them in our warehouse to be auctioned later. This is not a live public auction, all bidding us done online. After the auction closes, the buyers will pay online and then pick up their items on a scheduled pick up day. 

Gated Communities, Apartments, Storage Lockers

Our auction process can be an excellent option for you in areas such as these that do not allow estate sales. We will triage everything for you and list what we can sell and donate the rest.

Mid to High Range Auction Houses

These are excellent ways to reach national and international buyers seeking higher-end listed art, antiques, and collectibles. These houses have local auctions open to the public running in concert with real-time auctions broadcast online. Most of these auction houses promote items in specific categories throughout the year such as "California Art" or "Asian Antiques" to target buyers for that category. We can also get free appraisals and estimated values for your on anything they will consider for auction.

Other Online Auctions

A great solution for items of value you want to open up to the world for sale and are especially suited for items that ship easily. We have our own Ebay seller who will list these items for you.

Interior Consignments

When you want to consign your treasures locally, consignment stores that sell furniture, art and other household items can be a great way to go. Consignors are often looking for items that they can sell in their region. They will look for specialty items that you don't see everywhere and often have a large network of other dealers and interior designers as buyers.

Direct Dealer Sales

Whether it's fine art, antique furniture, carpets and rugs, or jewelry, sometimes we bring in a local dealer and this can be the best option. We have several dealers that will give you fair market wholesale values for your items and buy them directly from you.



You may have a range of costume, vintage, and fine gems and precious metals in your collection. We will document and photograph each item for you and suggest the best ways to distribute them. Appraisals and certifications are often essential to determining the value of jewelry--and often add more to a sale. Auctions are a good place to sell a variety of low-, mid- and high-value jewelry, and selling dealer direct often nets the best price.

Precious Metals

Silver and Gold prices change daily. Most gold and sterling products are the value of the weight itself but this can increase dramatically depending on maker, items, age etc. We do our own in-house testing of these metals for you and tell you exactly what you have and the best way to sell it.

Clothing Consignment

These stores often specialize in clothing that will sell locally or seasonally. Clothing consignors are very particular and expect clean clothes in excellent condition. Designer, Modern and Vintage clothing are popular and move to the front of the line. We know what they like and if you have it we will get it to them to value and consign. 

Online Classifieds

A very nice option to advertise estate sales, larger furniture, autos, RV's and appliance items that do not ship easily, or items you are giving away. We will look at these items and generally get them listed for you early on so they have the maximum exposure and give you the greatest opportunity to sell.

Books & Libraries

Yes, people still read books! You may have a lot of books you've collected over the years and some of them may have real value. We will have our book dealer come in and show you what the current market values are for the books they want and will give you give you a fair market value. You may have some treasures and we want you to know what they are worth before you sell! We can also look into donations to libraries, senior centers, thrift shops (as a tax deduction) and recycle options for the rest.​

Whole Estate Purchase

This can be a great option for emptying a home quickly, especially if there are only a few items of value and a whole house that needs to be emptied. We will come in to your home and assess the value of your items along with the labor involved in emptying your home.

Pack to Donate or Dispose

So you have a full house of lower value, well loved personal property and the cost to do an estate sale will be higher that what we bring in. This is where the best option may be to simply pack it up and donate those things that can be sold and dispose of the rest.


Legacy Donations

Museums, Schools, Charities, Fundraisers, Visiting Nurses,Thrift Shops, Habitat for Humanity, Automobiles.

Heirloom Shipping

Identify and protect heirlooms, Inventory items, Photograph, video, and inventory items, Email liaison between family members, Freight and ship large items, Insure fair distribution for family members wanting the same items, Negotiate wish lists with family members

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