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Edwin Thomas Booth (November 13, 1833 – June 7, 1893) was an American actor who toured throughout the United States and the major capitals of Europe, performing Shakespearean plays. In 1869, he founded Booth's Theatre in New York.[2] Some theatrical historians consider him the greatest American actor, and the greatest Prince Hamlet, of the 19th century.[3] His achievements are often overshadowed by his relationship with his younger brother, actor John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

This collection also contains:


Edwin Booth Photo Album:

104 photos with 3 of Edwin Booth (signed by him)

2 of his daughter Edwina Booth

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare-Owned by Edwin Booth

Edition by W.M. Cullen Bryant

Assisted by Evert A Duyckinck

Containing 100 photo graviera illustrations from original designs by Felix O. C. Darley and Alonzo Chappel with explanatory pages to each Volumes I, II, and III Published by Carson & Simpson, Philadelphia 1891.

Edwin Booth Various Dramatic Characters

Portraits from life by W. J. Hennessy

Published by Jas R. Osgood & Co., Boston 1872 – Late Tickmor & Fields and Fields, Osgood and Co.

The engraving by W. J. Linton

Biographical sketch by William Winter (39 pages)

It has and old news clipping about his life. The book has 12 dramatic characters with Edwin Booth – Hamlet, Richelieu, Othello, Bertuccio, Richard III, Brutus, King Lear, Shylock, Macbeth, Benedick, Dore Casar de Bazan and Claude Melnotte


This book is signed by Edwin Booth to Mateo, “my cousin with love” Edwin Booth 1872.

Mateo Game is my maternal great grandfather.  His book Plate Mateo Game is in the front. 


Note:  Mateo Game arrived in San Francisco, in October of 1850.  His daughter, my grandmother said he always regretted not  arriving in time for the statehood of California.  I do not know when Edwin and Mateo met for the first time.  But I think it was not only due to being related to his wife, but they both had a love for literature, the theatre and life.

Claudia Watkins Anderson Bratton


Summary:  My familial Connection to Edwin Booth b. 1833- died 1893)


My great grandmother, Mrs. Clara Belle Stauffer Game was first cousin of Edwin Booth’s second wife, Mrs. Mary Frances McVicker Booth (b. 1848- died 1881).  Mary’s stepfather was the proprietor of McVicker’s Theatre, a well-known playhouse in Chicago, Illinois.  Edwin Booth performed several plays at this famous Chicago theatre starting in 1858 and that is how Mary Frances and Edwin developed their romance .  She was his acting partner and they married in 1869.  Mary was related to Clara Belle through her parents Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thayer.


Clarabelle Stauffer Game (b. 1858 – d. 1925) was a native of New Orleans, LA.  Her brother Cyrus W. Stauffer, was the Registrar of Voters for the City of New Orleans.  Cyrus was a Union sympathizer and was politically active.  Subsequently he was killed by a man in Natchitoches, LA.  Later in her life Clara Belle moved to California.  Clara Belle was the wife of Mateo Francisco Game of San Francisco.  Clara Belle was Claudia’s mother’s maternal grandmother.


Mateo Franciso Game (b. 1832 in Ecuador) was Claudia’s great grandfather, son of Matthew Palmer Game, who was the American Consul to Ecuador.  Mateo was born in the consulate.  Mateo’s mother was the second wife of Mathew Palmer Game, named Francesca Jimmenz. While Consul Game, his wife and two other sons remained in Guayaquil, Mateo went to California and settled in San Francisco for the rest of his life.  Mateo treasured many articles and artifacts of Edwin Booth which have been passed down to Claudia and her family. He had a vast library in both English and Spanish.


The photo are of me in the dress at age 12.  Mary was very petite!


Claudia Bratton

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