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Moving Miss Daisy's Local Auctions!

This is a new service which greatly reduces the overhead of having an estate sale and also reduces the cost of sending your items out of town to other auctions. This is a local internet based auction which is run through Moving Miss Daisy and reaches a national audience. We can auction items in place or remove them and store them in our warehouse to be auctioned. 

Mid to High-End Auction Houses with Online Presence

Glenn Novack Santa Barbara Moving Miss Daisy


Online Estate Auction Benefits...

  • Reduces Liability
  • Enhances Privacy

  • Safer Selling and Buying

  • Whole House or Select Items

  • Creates Competition

  • Lower Overhead

  • Items are Prepaid

  • Safe Scheduled Pick-Ups

  • Whole House or Select Items
  • 24/7 Online Bidding
  • We Use a Professional Auction House Platform.

  • We Auction Items in Place or Remove Items and Store Them in our Warehouse.

  • No more multiple meeting people through online classifieds. 

Our online auctions are great options where public access, parking, privacy and safety may be an issue.


Also for homes where a traditional estate sale may not be permitted, such as:

Gated, Private and Senior Communities, Condos, Apartments, Mobile Homes and even Storage Lockers​!

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