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Hello Friends!


Below is a list of reviews collected online for Moving Miss Daisy as well as letters from previous event management and design clients. 


I would be remiss if I didn't showcase the one 'negative review' we received on Yelp. You can find that review as well as our response by clicking here: Yelp Review

Here are the current reviews from Google and Yelp:

  • Well all I can say is THANK YOU GLENN! You came to my rescue when I really needed help with my mother's estate. I called you on a Sunday and you not only answered the phone but within one week you were conducting an estate sale at my mother's house! Our goal was to empty the house and get it ready to sell and you did not let is down. After the sale, you and your crew worked hard to pack up everything that remained and arranged for the local thrift shop to pick up the entire load. I didn't think we had a lot of valuable items but you were able to see the value in what we had. We not only emptied the house but even after we deducted the costs we still made money! I will give you my highest recommendation to anyone seeking your services. Thank you again to you and your hard working crew for all that you did. T.H.

  • A wonderful service and name! Thank you Glenn for all that you did to help my dad with his move to Samarkand. You were sensitive to his emotional needs and moved at a pace that he could be a part of. You were so kind to come back even after our contractual obligation was finished to bring in a night stand and end table that he needed in his new place. Your gift and follow up were truly appreciated by both of us! God Bless you and Miss Daisy!

  • Glenn did an outstanding job of helping me advertise, set up and run my relatively small estate sale in less than one week. He was able to use his extensive contacts in Santa Barbara to bring in folks who were very good customers. There were only a few low-value small items left at the end of the sale for me to donate. He clearly explained the financial terms of our agreement up front and completely fulfilled all expectations. I would hire him again.

  • Glenn is absolutely fabulous!  He is knowledgeable, resourceful, compassionate, cheerful, high energy, and gets the job done.  He was such a huge blessing when we liquidated my mother's house.  I didn't have to worry about any of the details - he took care of everything.  Would highly recommend him!

  • Excellent service. Moving was easy and speedy. Will definitely use again.



Here are a few letters from my work in event planning and design.


Dear Glenn,

Cate School's October 7-10 was, by all standards, an overwhelming success. The exhilaration, joy, and pride those of us on the Mesa felt as the event ended was echoed by the hundreds of messages of thanks and congratulations We subsequently received from our grateful guests. The Centennial was, in the words of one alumnus, "perfection."

Of course, "perfection" does not simply happen. No one is more aware of this than those of us who work behind the scenes to craft an event. With over a month's time to reflect on the extraordinary success of the Centennial, I have had time and opportunity to objectively evaluate those four days and, indeed, the eighteen-plus months of planning beforehand. With this perspective comes an even deeper appreciation for your role in our school's one hundredth anniversary celebration.

From your initial enthusiasm and creativity during the bid process to your strict attention to detail as you engineered and re-engineered the Centennial tent to the masterful way you coordinated the many moving parts of this event, you exhibited the utmost in professionalism and dedication. The Centennial Gala Dinner on Saturday night was, in particular, a tour de force, bringing together vendors from across the state to pull off an exquisite formal dinner for 500. For that alone you deserve the highest compliments, but I have to note the gala was but one part of a seamless four-day event. Throughout, you were tireless, positive, and, in the end, personally responsible for the hosting of over one thousand people on an extraordinarily disciplined budget. On behalf of the entire Cate community, I thank you for everything you did to make our Centennial a true "once in a lifetime" event.

I hope as you enjoy the enclosed Cate Bulletin you feel some satisfaction in the role you played in bringing so much joy to so many people. Thank you, again, Glenn.

Sincerely yours,

Leslie Benedict Turnbull '85
Director of Centennial Events and Communications

Hi All! Just a quick note to send you all a BIG Thank You for being such a great help to our 1920's Garden Street Academy's Benefit Auction! Everyone had a terrific time enjoying everything that you all put into it, everything from the amazing program and invites, Class Room art projects, pictures by Monie & Dante outside with the car, the easy check-in, the greeters at the door, the coat check girls, the prohibition punch and Shanna, the movie playing on the bar wall, the fantastic items that guests could bid on and how well they all were displayed, Glenn's Fantastic Band "Society Jazz" playing amazing tunes for us to mingle and dance to, Henry- our Amazing MC, our raffle ticket girls, the behind the scenes technology, our tireless pre-party volunteers and those who came after to put it all back! And for all of you that we are forgetting to mention, thank you! It really takes an army of people to make a function like this go smoothly and you all were so amazing that both Donna and I agree that this auction was the easiest one by far and certainly the most fun! A special thanks to Kevin, Maya, Irene, Steve, Robin, Dante, Anna Raye, Lisa, Kim, and Brooke who invested lots of time into making it to all of the meetings and for being there every step of the way! Thanks to Glenn from Event Rents, for stepping in very last minute and pulling off one of the best Auction Events yet and for also sharing with us his amazing musical talent and his band, Society Jazz. What a voice! :) Thanks from the bottom of our hearts! Donna & Tina

How are you? We finally got back from our super long honeymoon and then school started, but I realized I hadn't emailed you yet after the wedding! I just wanted to tell you, before we wait on the Thank Yous to be printed, how amazing everything was for July 3rd, how smooth you made the set up and pick up go, how much we appreciated your help, organization, attention to detail... all the dance floor, lights, chairs, table, everything was perfect. You're awesome! What is your mailing address for a Thank You card?
Brooke and Danny Jack

Dear Glenn, Hanna and Charley's wedding day was magical--our hearts are full. Danette commented on your great expertise, efficiency, and leadership with oversight of the event set up. It was beautiful--and folks noticed the special touch of different table shapes and configurations. I hope you did have a chance to stop by to see for yourself how alive and lovely it all was. And could the weather have been more beautiful?! On behalf of Hanna, Charley, Paul, and me, thank you, deeply, for your care and time--and encouragement during our anxiousness about it all:-). all the best, Sharon

Dear Glenn and the Event Rents Team, We are so appreciative for the incredible job you did in making our wedding a spectacular event! You truly went above & beyond our expectations to make the day special. We are grateful for the long patient hours you spent planning the lay-out for the venue & for your constant care to make sure we were getting the best value. Thank you for everything! The Cullens

Hi Glenn! Thank you soooo much for meeting with us yesterday! Your layout of the yard is better than we could have imagined! It will look beautiful! We are so excited! Because of your beautiful design we will have a BEAUTIFUL garden wedding! Thank you so much!!!! I was never quite sure how we would accomplish this. Thank you again Glenn!!! Have a GREAT day! Joanna N.

Hi Glenn, I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you on the Laguna event. We have had nothing but rave reviews and the whole event was a tremendous success! The whole team really enjoyed working with you! I hope this is the beginning of a long term relationship with you and Laguna! XO Daryl

Glenn, It was so great to get to know you these past months. The GROOVE gala was a huge hit! The room looked gorgeous and the design flowed so well. Thank you so very much for your creativity and especially your patience! Looking forward to working with you again, Elizabeth G. CPCC

I couldn't have done it without you. I thank you for all of your hard work and especially for being there for me and also praying for my finger, I think it helped a lot! You saved me, Thank You!!! Sylvia

Dear Glenn,
Three Cheers to you for helping us organize a great fundraiser! We were making decisions right up to the start time and you were with us every step of the way, Thank You! We are all pooped but pleased. Your name will be said with praise at our wrap up meeting Wednesday. Hope to work with you soon again. God Bless You!

Sydney, Santa Barbara Rescue Mission

Hi Glenn!
What a wonderful, amazing event you provided for our client. Your service was superb, the installation perfect! Everything was the best ever! Such a beautiful tent, great production team, lighting, linens, china, gorgeous coffee urns, generator-everything -everything was marvelous. Thank you so much --this is the best service -just the way I dream of events going!

Warmest Regards
Cindy LaFond

Hi Glenn - Mark and I were SOOOOOO bummed to have missed you last Friday afternoon. Heard that you were on site somewhere. Hope you got the amazing "up lighting" photo's that we thought you would enjoy and left on your desk. You did an AMAZING job with the lighting - generator and all! It was magical, spectacular and like many of our guests commented, "like a fairy tale!" Thanks again for your tremendous efforts to work with us to create such a special atmosphere for our celebration. We loved the backyard at night and you and Tricia and her husband created it all. We remain grateful!
Hope that all is well and that you have had a great summer. Perhaps we'll catch you next time we are in town? Take care, Diane & Mark

Dear Glenn,
It was such a special treat to work with you on Stephanie and Aaron's wedding. Your attention to detail and service was exceptional. Your set up received many compliments from the guests throughout the night. It truly was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for making my job easier. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Mary Anne Knox
MAK Events, Inc.

Thank you again for all your help with Earth Day -- both on the clock and off. I really appreciated seeing you Sunday morning during setup, which we managed to get thru with all the exhibitors more or less happy! Thanks for putting so much energy into Earth Day -- it wouldn't happen without people like you who really care about it.

Take care.

Hi Glenn,
Just a follow-up on the Kendall/McCutchan event at Stow House in March 21. We were blessed with wonderful weather and we all had a super time. The equipment rentals and catering were wonderfully coordinated. Thanks much for your help and for all the things provided by Events Rents. I enjoyed working with you. Although I don't expect to be hosting another event in Santa Barbara, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to someone who is.

S. Kendall
Columbia, MD

Hey Glenn-
Thanks so much for all of your hard work! It really paid off...everyone had an amazing time!
Bonnie played till 10pm- Melanie NEVER stopped dancing till the end as did many others. I'm sorry that you missed Kalama's friends speech and his dancing later on...I'm sure Bonnie will let you know how entertaining that was!

Everything worked perfectly! I loved the clear sides I think it added a whole new dimension to having an event inside a tent...Chris wants to add a clear ceiling next time!
The third heater worked out great! We would have been chilly without it... as it was many of the older crowd went and sat in front of the heater that we added by the bar to stay even warmer. On to the auction agenda..but I guess I need to deal with Xmas first! Can't believe that it is only a few weeks away!

Thanks a ton Glenn!!

Hi Glenn! Hope you have rested since the long weekend! I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job! And the tables were perfectly level! :) Thank you for personally being there and getting it all to work. The cocktail tables up top were placed soo sweet? Was that your vision? It was lovely the way they were tucked in the shade by the tree. I will send you good pictures if I get any and I enclosed the only one I took myself. It was fun to see you at the site. I would have enjoyed interacting with you just a bit more. Thanks for checking in with me. I apologize for my short temperedness. I was in conflict with my husband, at that point, and not my usual self. Did you find me to be offensive over the leveling issue??? -It would be helpful for me to know. Anyway, thanks for doing it just right. Take care!-CarolynHi Glenn!

I hope that you have not thought that I have forgotten about you! I've been meaning to send this little thank you your way for what seems like forever! But today we had our "last" auction meeting for 2007 before we start planning for the 2008 auction! We had our list of where we would like to see changes or what we didn't think ran smoothly and your name never came up! :) (Only in a good way!) You did a fantastic job in accommodating our every need and you even came to the auction and took home a few things!! I'm hoping the highlights look good!  Melanie will be in town end of May so I will be seeing you some time during that month! I'm looking forward to working w/ you again!
Thank You!
Tina Agnoli
San Roque School Co-Chair

Thank you Glenn for another splendid event! If Event Rents were publicly traded I would buy your stock because I see your company on the move-- straight up. From the first experience of your showroom, to the installation of the last chair- your team is consistent in their application of fine service and value for my company and our clients.

Dear Glenn,
I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did at our wedding! Everything was perfect and so beautiful. Everyone said it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to and we have to agree! Please let me know if you would like me to send you some pictures.
Teresa and Jon, May 19, 2007

My Dearest Glen,
We can't begin to thank you enough for helping us plan our "Perfectly Amazing Wedding". You are the best!

Scott and I in San Francisco and you in Santa Barbara,...who would have ever thought you would have been so accommodating? Everything you did for us, the design, the colors, just your simple thoughts were a complete masterpiece. You were truly more than an "Events Coordinator", you became a very dear friend.
Any bride would be blessed to have you assist her!

With love and gratitude,
Scott and Lynn

Hi Glen,
Nathan and I want to thank you for your wonderful accomplishment getting the tent looking great! We hope that we get as many opportunities to recommend you to others. We will be submitting our wedding to Los Angeles Wedding, and other magazines, we hope that we get on them and then make sure to mention you. You made our planning regarding the tent relatively effortless considering the amount of work needed.
Please enjoy some more pics.
many hugs...

Dear Glenn,
You are the best! Thank you so much for your creativity, reliability, flexibility, cheerfulness and tremendous knowledge of what will work and what won't. We at Braille feel lucky that you were in charge and I, personally, am grateful for you accessibility and knowledge, not to mention you sense of humor. You and all of the outstanding staff at Event Rents, in large part, assured our success!
Carol W.

Dear Glenn,
Thank you so much for all the time, creativity and attention to detail you spent on Crane's Spring Event. We couldn't have done it without you! It was such a pleasure to work with you. I look forward to working with you again!
Debbie H.

Hi Glenn
You rock!! Thank you thank you thank you for going ABOVE and BEYOND (can you say gutter cleaning? Moving heavy things? etc etc) to make our wedding the best it could be. It exceeded my expectations and that had so much to do with you. You are awesome!!
So, this can't be it- we spent far too much time talking to just fall out of touch, and we really want to thank you, so.....we are having a dinner party at Jane's for you. Date TBD. Are you in? We will cook for you, wait on you, etc
Love, Rebecca

HI Glenn,
WOW! Everything went great. You are the best Glenn. Thank you so much for everything. We all appreciate your patience and hard work. Hopefully I won't be planning anymore weddings soon but when my daughter gets married you'll be at the top of our list !!! Best to you. Jill

Hola Amigo!
Thank you again for going BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY!!!!!! Your added help on Sunday was SO appreciated. The guys are here picking everything up, Willie and Pearl have cabin fever, and I am slowly getting back in to the groove of life! Also, when the KIDS return and the dust settles, I want to have you, the newlyweds, and Sigrid and Matt over for dinner.
Invite to follow...
Jane C.

Dear Jim:
Just this week I have really started working with Glenn and I am just so astounded with his knowledge and his wonderful attitude. He is so wonderful to work with and he makes me feel more confident about the service your company has the potential to provide on my wedding day. I think you should really find a way to market him (commercials, adds, articles, etc) because he has really made the difference.

Subject: Outstanding Service

Dear Jim:
You probably remember me, the bride who was stood up who drove all the way from Los Angeles, I felt very compelled to complain about the bad start with your company. I then had a second appointment and Jeff actually showed up, but was rushed and not very helpful at all. I was on the verge of going with another company because I felt scared about the horrible service and a reflection of what that means for my wedding day!

Just this week I have really started working with Glenn and I am just so astounded with his knowledge and his wonderful attitude. He is so wonderful to work with and he makes me feel more confident about the service your company has the potential to provide on my wedding day. I think you should really find a way to market him (commercials, adds, articles, etc) because he has really made the difference.

I first met with ******* ***** Rentals and did not like ******* who does their weddings. She was rude and not a bit classy or courteous when she made suggestions. Glenn is the complete opposite, I found myself feeling so comfortable by the end of the discussion that I would ask him for his opinion on my entire event. If Brides get a chance to meet with ******* and then meet with Glenn your company will prevail everytime.

Thanks Again,
Liz C, Bride

...Thanks again for your love and support!!!! You are the best and be sure to forward this email to your boss. He has a gold mine in his hands and our wedding wouldn't have been the same without you..

The following are notes from the forum at
Rentals: Event Rents in Goleta
We only had to rent white chairs and a few market umbrellas. They had very quality products, a nice showroom, and Glenn was easy to work with.

Rentals: Glenn at Event Rents provided the chairs and the runner at my friends home…..some logistics were involved in that because the chairs had to be solidly placed in their gravel yard
(that is where the best ocean view was). Glenn created a CAD rendition of the placement and also devised a solution for creating a flat surface for us to stand on under the chuppa. Thanks to Glenn.

Rentals: We got all our rentals from Undercover Event Rents. They were great! They have this software where they use the exact space measurements of your reception area and then program it on their computer so you can see a 3D image of what it will look like. It’s great when you just aren’t sure how stuff will look. Also, their prices were somewhat cheaper than other rental companies. Everything was great and they were there very early to set up. Phone is 805 685 9920.

Make My Day!

Event Rents is a great company to deal with. Glenn, especially, is a problem solver and so professional. You've had 2 coordinators endorse them and that can't be a better recommendation!
Good luck!

I'll "third" that recommendation - Glen is wonderful to work with and has a really great sense of creating a cohesive look for your wedding or party.

He's also got this cool computer program that allows him to digitally "map" your space (with all your items, down to silverware) and then get a computer "walk-through" of your set-up. This is really helpful if you can't visualize things in your head from just a sample table in the show room.


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