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Glenn Novack Santa Barbara Moving Miss Daisy


Special Pricing is for Moving Miss Daisy Customers:
$125 includes machine delivery and up to 20 pounds of prepped paper!

Moving Miss Daisy is Pleased To Offer High Volume, 300 Page, Stack and Shred, Heavy Duty, Continuous Shredding in Your Own Home.

Moving Miss Daisy Shredding

  • Shredding In Your Own Home

  • Convenient Mobile Service

  • Participate and Witness Actual Shredding

  • High Capacity-300 Pages Per Load

  • Cross-Cut Shreds (3/16" x 1 1/2")

  • Security Level (DIN 66399): P-4

  • Continuous Run Time

  • Heavy Duty-Professional Machine

  • Shreds CDs/DVDs; Credit Cards

  • Jam Prevention

  • Manual Reverse Mode

  • Shredder Weighs 60 pounds

Commercial Shredding

  • Traditional mobile shredding trucks are large and often have access issues in residential neighborhoods.

  • Mobile shredding services are expensive.

  • In-Store Shredding requires you to drop-off or pay a pickup fee.

  • Personally watching your items go through the shredder requires you to have an appointment, pay a premium and drive to their facility.

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